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“Journaling for Self Discovery: Using Metaphors and Free Writing to Spark More Inner Knowledge and Insight” – Laurie Meade

“Journaling for Self Discovery: Using Metaphors and Free Writing to Spark More Inner Knowledge and Insight”

This week, we’re embarking on a journey of imagination and creativity, as we delve into the depths of metaphorical journaling.


For this exercise, we’ll be using everyday objects as symbolic representations of our lives – objects that are seemingly mundane, yet hold within them a world of meaning waiting to be unleashed.


Before we begin, let’s clarify the distinction between a metaphor and a simile.


A metaphor is a potent tool of language, in which an object is used to signify something else – like when we say “my life is a river”. A simile, on the other hand, draws a comparison between an object and another element of our lives – like when we say “my life is like a river”. Though the processes are similar, a metaphor carries a deeper emotional weight than a simile ever could.


So, let’s jump right in! Our first object  is rain. Pretend you are the rain? How does  your existence affect the people you come across, what do you do to their day to day mood, ability to progress through their plans? How do you change things? Keep writing describing all the ways you affect the world around you wherever you are?


Next, we have the mountain. In what ways does your life resemble describing the ins and outs of a mountain? How does being a mountain feel, what does it look like and why is it important or unimportant in the grand scheme of things?


Next lets try a  forest. Say you are the big forest.  How do you feel?
What is hidden within you? Is your forest a peaceful or a very frightening place?  Where is it located and what type of animals roam around in your forest?


If you up for a third exercise, describe yourself as a house. What does your home look like?  How do others react and feel when they enter this house? Is it a safe place or not? Why?  Is it a place people want to congregate in or a place they want to run away from?


Once you’ve chosen your objects, it’s time to extend their metaphorical reach as far as you can. Push the boundaries of your imagination, and see where it takes you. And after you’ve explored each metaphor to its fullest extent, take some time to freewriting about why that particular metaphor resonates with you.


So let’s get creative, let’s have some fun! Share your most innovative and inspired metaphors in the comments below – let’s inspire each other with the power of language and the beauty of metaphor.


Also let me know if you like doing this type of exercise, I am working on some guided meditations along this line to listen to as you are writing? Is that something you would be interested in?



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